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short stories

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A fox was so hungry he felt he was going to die. In spite of his weakness , the fox went searching for something to appease his hunger . Somewhere near a farm , the fox found a pretentious rooster, perched on a wall , singing at " the-top-of-his-voice " .
Proudly shaking his red comb, the rooster looked like an easy prey to the fox. The fox knew that most of the pretentious are " feeble-minded . Thinking of a way to eat the rooster and after a one-week forced fasting , the fox was pacing back and forth .

With a stick in the hand , the fox carefully approached the rooster always singing , perched on the wall . The rooster was surprised to see a fox approaching , leaning with difficulty on a stick . With a weak voive the fox said to the rooster . " Hello , king of birds and undisputed master of the hens ! " The rooster asked : " Why the flattery talks ? crippled fox ... Can't you be sincere ? "

The fox threw the stick away and said to the rooster . " You are good ... One can hide nothing from you ! " As a matter of fact , I wanted to test you to see weather you fulfil the difficult role of a king ! " A community of hens have entrusted me with the task of finding a beautiful and brave rooster " .

A rooster with a beautiful comb who would be crowned as their king . Farewell , I have no time to waste . The fox left , moving in small paces , hoping for the rooster to follow without delay . The fox was worried for a moment. Did the rooster change his mind ? The fox was pleasantly surprised to find the rooster in front , walking in large paces.

The fox caught the rooster who believed the flatterer . Then, the fox strangled him. While plucking the rooster , the fox had saliva dripping from his mouth . What a well-deserved feast. Satisfied , the fox thought : " Now , let's look for another " pretentious " .


Following a long and tiring day in the fields , the bull , exahausted , returned to the stable , panting . weak from fatigue , the bull collapsed on the ground , moaning in complaints . Watching , the donkey said to the bull : " What is the matter , my friend ? You are in really deplorable state " . The bull replied : " I am exahausted. The fields are vast and the farmer is without pity".
The donkey advised the bull not to accept work like a slave or , at least , to try and avoid working. The bull reminded the donkey that it was difficult to stand up against the man who exploits the animals. " Man will not hesitate to get rid of an inactive and unproductive animal . To fake it and avoid work! How to do it
The donkey suggested : " Pretend you are ill. Do not eat. Do not drink . You will be really ill " . " When he notices that you are incapable of even standing .. or moving , our master will let you rest ". The master who understand the language of animals , heard the conversation between the donkey and the bull.

The next morning , carrying his personal things in a bag, the farmer went to the stable . He found the bull lying on the ground . The animal , exausted and looking ill, was moaning in pain . Leaving the bull, the man approashed the astonished donkey , took hold of him and took him in a docile way to the fields. Buckled to the heavy blough , the donkey worked laboriously the vast fields throughout the day.

When night fell, breathless and extremely tired, the donkey returned to the stable, where the bull was resting . The bull , obviously less tired after a full day of rest , enquired with the donkey on how did he manage. The donkey replied : " My friend , I have some alarming news " . I heard our master say : " If the bull is not in shape by tomorrow , I will have to cut his throat " . As such I advise you to eat well , regain your strength, lest you will face some misfortune " . The bull followed the advice of the friend who said " we should not occupy ourselves with the affairs of others ".

Layla was a beautiful , polite and obedient little girl . However , she had one major flaw in her personality. Layla was lazy and she detested work . She did do her homeworks nor studied her lessons . On account of her low grades , Layla was constantly scolded by her mother . In addition to her mother , Layla was scolded and punished by her teacher for not making any efforts to study.

Unfortunately , Laylas passed her time playing in the garden , building sandcastles and picking flowers. One day, as Layla went to the garden , she noticed a pile of dry straws. As she moved closer , she noticed a lot of grains spread in the sun and an army of busy ants . She asked an ant : " What are you doing there , little ant ? " . " I am preparing provisions for winter . Then , all of us ants will put them in our ant-hill " , said the ant . "The task is difficult and we are small , but we are active and perservering " , the ant continued.

Layla said : " I have to strain myself ; my father brings us food and takes care of us ". Layla continued : ” In winter , our houses , made of solid stones , protects us from the cold wind and rain . I don't have to work nor tire myself ". " You lazy little girl " , said the ant , " you seem to lack a lot of experience " . The ant continued , " Nothing comes without effort and hard work . While you play in the garden , your father sweats and works " . What if your father falls sick ? ... I dout if you would enjoy yourself , like you do now , " said the ant . " I believe we feel more pleasure when we have worked hard. Then, rest is worth it " .

Throughout the conversation , Layla was intently listening and was convencied of the ants words . Hurriedly , she went back to the house . Layla sat at her table ansd started to study. She worked very hard for a full mounth. As a consequence of her hard work , Layla passed the exams . Her parents and her teacher were quiet pleased . From that day on , and thanks to the words of the ant , Layla became industrious in her studies.

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