how to keep healthy

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how to keep healthy

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This is an article I wrote about keeping healthy.i hope it will gain your appreciation.thnx in advance

How to Keep Healthy

It was said that health is a crown on the heads of the healthy people. In fact, this saying is very important and should be taken into consideration because it shows the value of being in good health. Keeping away from worry, exercising regularly and eating healthy food are three aspects of life style that help us keep healthy.

The first important way of keeping good health is being away from mental stress and worry. The more you think, the bigger the opportunity of having health problems. For example, worry, anger and stress are the cause of many heart strokes. Also, too much thinking may lead to continuous loss of weight.

Regular exercising is another way of keeping and maintaining good health. If you exercise daily, you don’t get overweight. Also, exercising is very good for your normal blood circulation. In addition, exercising is good for your heart and muscles. If you go jogging or walk for an hour, you help to strengthen all of your muscles. Furthermore, you keep your lungs clean and efficient by exercising.

Healthy food is also very important for your health. You have to eat simple foods which do not contain saturated fat. This diet should be based on grain, rice, wheat, corn, fruits, vegetables and fish. According to some research, miso soup may help prevent hypertension diabetes, obesity and cancer. Also, cabbage, salmon, olive oil and garlic in your soup may help fight heart diseases.

In conclusion, if you want to see the importance of good health, you can ask a person who suffers poor health. So, we should be aware of our health and do our best in exercising, eating healthy food and keeping away from worry.

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